Clubs in New South Wales provide support to tens of thousands of local community organisations, charities and sporting groups each year through club grants. We are proud to be involved in the program, which supports projects that aim to improve the lives of people within our local community.
Recipients in Fairfield received funding for various projects including welfare and health services, community development, social services and employment assistance. As usual, we have endeavoured to assist the local area as much as possible, especially local schools.

Club Grants Donations – Category One for the year ending 31st of August 2020 as follows:

  • Men Of League – Rugby League Wellbeing – $10,000
  • Pal Buddhist School – PBS Canteen Professional Service – $5,500
  • Lansvale Public School – Mum and Bub Fitness – $5,000
  • Pal Buddhist School – PBS Music Therapy – $5,000
  • Pal Buddhist School – PBS Sport Education – $4,500
  • Bossley Park High School – Voices of Fairfield – $7,000
  • Pal Buddhist School – PBS – VOSS and Employment Opportunities – $7,100.00

Club Grants Donations – Category Two for the year ending 31st of August 2020 as follows:

  • Was fully committed to the supply of uniforms and equipment and maintenance of the football fields for Junior Rugby League teams to not only encourage participation in the sport but participation in sports in general. Cabramatta Rugby League Club sponsored 404 players in 26 teams in Junior Rugby League in 2020.